About Us
​​​​​I am a hobbyist photographer and a fan of cats. My family and I have a sweet little crew of kitties, most of whom came from All Cats Rescue of Sioux Falls, SD. Two were intentionally adopted, and two came to us as fosters, at 12 weeks old, on the eve of their scheduled euthanasia in a shelter. These boys stole our hearts, and didn't stay fosters for long. 

As you might imagine, the thought of our two healthy baby boys coming so close to being destroyed was very disturbing to me. I wasn't great at fostering, but still wanted to help, so in October of 2014, when All Cats Rescue put out the call for a photographer, I was pretty excited. Taking photos of our kitties at home was something I had always enjoyed, particularly after getting my mitts on a DSLR. I had also read about and admired Seth Casteel and other photographers who promote the use of high quality photography to increase adoptions of homeless pets. I didn't give a second thought to joining the cause. 

Although I truly did not not have a clue what I was getting myself into, I have found photographing rescue cats to be as rewarding as it is challenging. I have now taken photos of over 400 cats and kittens and can honestly say that, while some have been more difficult to work with than others, each one has been wonderful. The only cats who were not friendly and loving were simply frightened - and who can blame them?
Simon, one of our former fosters.
Helping so many of these babies (and grown-ups) in taking the journey to their forever homes is something I am incredibly grateful to have been part of, and in the years to come, I look forward to helping many more of them to get adopted. The fabulous felines of All Cats Rescue keep me quite busy, but I would be happy to help other rescues, and am interested in photographing animals who are not of the feline variety, too! If you would like to check on my availability, or would just like to say hey, please message me using the form below. Thanks for stopping by!